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Research report 2017

The survey (market analysis 2017) related to the teaching of the sustainability management is finished. 

The summary
There is a strong need on the market (educational institutions) for implementing sustainability management related topics into their curricula.

Research methodology
Research methodology: Web survey
Survey duration: 16. 2. - 21. 3. 2017
Sample size: 111 participants
Targeted countries: RO, SLO, HU, PT
Target groups: teachers, trainers, students, managers
Authors: Gabriela Fistis, Tomislav Rozman


This questionnaire was a part of a marketing exploratory research that aims to identify the knowledge and training/learning needs in the field of Teaching Sustainability topics in the medium and high school education system.

The research objective is to identify the way to support teachers and trainers to teach sustainability topics in their daily life and to integrate new learning topics in teaching courses that are held in different schools. 

The targeted groups in this survey consisted of teachers, student (future teachers), employees which act as trainers in their organisations, Human Resource Managers which develop training programs for their employees to reach more accountable knowledge.

We were interested if nowadays in Romania as well in other EU countries, sustainability topics such as Climate change, Waste segregation, Energy efficiency, Water protection, Resource protection, Healthy food, Food safety, Sustainable lifestyle, Sustainable urbanization or Gender equality and Social protection etc, are well embedded into the daily training portfolio of the teachers in schools and if not, what kind of measures should be addressed to increase knowledge. 

The results

4. Please, specify what kind of knowledge transfer is missing, where can we help:
(The word cloud represents the frequencies of the word appearance. The bigger word means the bigger frequency of the appearance. The word cloud was generated from survey participant's free text answers using this tool)