Research report 2017

posted 21 Mar 2017, 01:45 by Tomislav Rozman   [ updated 21 Mar 2017, 01:53 ]

How strong is the need to integrate sustainability management topics into school and training centres curricula? 
was the main question of our research.
Are you interested in the results?

On-line training with expert support - new packages

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New attractive packages for the on-line training and certification is available:

This online course is expert supported. It is built on gamification platform, which enables faster progress towards the certification.

Demand for sustainability expertise on the rise as Romanian companies tune in to European business standards

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Gabriela Fistis, director of Denkstatt Romania, a consultancy company on sustainability, talks to Business Review about the certificates for sustainability management that it offers, their applicability, particularly on the real estate market, and the future of sustainable business practices in Romania.

Receive your certificate at the final event in Bucharest, 30. 10. 2015

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Dear participants of the LeadSUS training from Bucharest,

we invite you to the final event, which will be held on 30.10.2015 in Bucharest, hotel Ramada Parc.

The agenda:
  • 09.00 - 10.00 - Presentation of project results and future plans with Leadership in SUSTAINABILITY
  • 10.00 - 11.00 - Handing out certificates for all who attended the exam and passed some or all modules for Foundation and Advanced Level
  • 11.00 - 12.00 - Networking / coffee break / mini buffet.
Join us and meet the representatives of the project partners from Slovenia, France, Romania and Austria and network with other training participants.

Please confirm your attendance by email: no later than 27/10/2015.

Please note: if you can not attend, you will receive your certificate by regular mail.

Final Event in Timisoara, 09 Nov. 2015 at 15:00

posted 23 Oct 2015, 00:59 by Tomislav Rozman

Dear participants of the LeadSUS training,

we are inviting you to the final event in Timisoara, RO, where the certificates will be issued.

Please find more details in attached invitation below.

Exam dates and registration for Advanced level exam

posted 13 Oct 2015, 23:45 by Tomislav Rozman

LeadSUS: Advanced level examination dates:

  • 17.10. (Saturday) from 8:00 to 10:30 CET (Romania time: 9 am - 11:30)
  • 23.10. (Friday) from 18:00 to 20:30 CET (Romania time: 19 pm - 21:30)

You can attend the Advanced level exam if you have passed ALL elements for the Foundation Level and your final assignment was rated positive.

Please make sure that you register for the advanced level exam here.

Exam dates

posted 17 Sept 2015, 23:49 by Tomislav Rozman   [ updated 5 Oct 2015, 23:50 by Mateja Frangež Rozman ]

Foundation level (3rd attempt): 8.10.2015, 18:00-20:30 CET
(Note: all who attended 1st and 2nd attempt on 17.9.2015 and 24.9.2015 and failed some elements, only failed elements will be repeated)

Advanced level: 

  • 17.10. (Saturday) from 8:00 to 10:30 CET (Romania time it is 9 am)
  • 23.10. (Friday) from 18:00 to 20:30 CET (Romania time it is 19 pm)

Please be aware that you can only attend the Advanced Exam if you have passed ALL elements for the Foundation Level and your final assignment was rated positive.

E-learning platform is open

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Online training

ON LINE Learning Process instructions


For those who would like to start the learning process please read the LeadSUS REGISTRATION GUIDE on the following link:


To access ECQA e-learning platform, please REGISTER (here). If you already have an account, log-in here


We have created instructional videos:

Video 1: Registration process

Video 2: Learning process



EXAM and certification process

The  examination process will take the following step:

1.       Step 1 – Exam on LeadSUS Foundation level will be held in September 2015. The exam will be held in afternoon hours and the duration will be 2,5 hours. Two exact dates will be published soon. 

2.       Step 2 – Project Assignment – For those who would like to pass the Advanced certification level, you have to complete Foundation level and in addition complete a Project Assignment according to our requirements. The project assignment period will last 1 month between 14.09 - 17.10. 2015. The project has to be confirmed by one trainer and after the approval the trainee can attend the Advance certification exam

3.       Step 3 – Exam on LeadSUS Advanced level - End of October 2015. Exact dates will be published.

4.       Handing out LeadSUS Certificate – for all who successfully pass the exam, the certificate will be issued either personally on the LeadSUS FINAL EVENT in Bucharest (data will be comunicated later), or via post mail on the address you will insert during the registration process.

The platform will be open until 17.11.2015.


If you still need an assistance on the platform usage or access please get in contact with our platform expert Damjan Ekert: email,


Welcome on the LeadSUS Platform.

5th newsletter - Deployment of eco-design and sustainability

posted 28 May 2015, 03:48 by Tomislav Rozman

Our 5th newsletter is available 
here: 05-LeadSUS_NewsLetter.pdf View Download.
The main topic of this issue is "Deployment of eco-design and sustainability".

Enjoy reading!

LeadSUS project team

Registrations for the training in Maribor are open!

posted 28 Apr 2015, 03:15 by Tomislav Rozman   [ updated 29 Apr 2015, 09:56 ]

TO: All, who want to upgrade the knowledge about SUSTAINABILITY and LEADERSHIP

we announce the registrations for the classroom training in Maribor, Slovenia (22.-26. June 2015) are opened.

Please see the attached invitations and agenda below.

Please register here:

(Select "Maribor" in last question on the registration form!)

English version:LeadSUS Maribor training INVITATION(EN).pdf
View Download

Slovenian version:LeadSUS Maribor training INVITATION(SLO).pdf
View Download

LeadSUS project team

P.S.: See some moments from previous trainings in Grenoble (France) and Bucharest (Romania):

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