Title of the project
LeadSUS (Leadership in sustainability)


Contract No: LLP - LdV / TOI / 2013 / RO / 022
Project Number: 2013-1-RO1-LEO05 – 28771

Duration: 18.11. 2013 - 18. 11. 2015

The general objective of the project is to transfer and integrate sustainability leadership skills to European industry and institutions.

The project aims to support organizational leaders and employees, to understand the strategic implications of sustainability by developing innovative and creative approaches.

The training will drive leadership understanding, strategic business approaches, enthusiasm, innovation and consideration of environment and social aspects as key issues toward sustainable development.

The project target group are managers and employees, representatives of private organizations (industry related) and public organizations, with environmental, social or business development related responsibilities and employed master students.

During the project lifetime, future Sustainability Managers will develop competences and skills on the following topics:
  • Sustainability management, 
  • Economic sustainability,
  • Ecologic sustainability,
  • Social sustainability,
  • Product sustainability.
All participating trainees will have the opportunity to certify their newly acquired skills and competences within ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) framework, on two performance levels: foundation or advanced.

The future training platform will be available on www.ecqa.org

Planned results / specific objectives
1. Adaptation, harmonization and refinement of existing training materials and their integration into a professional training program dedicated to employees of companies, institutions and VET organizations

2. Achievement of EU Certification of the new training program and job role as Sustainability Manager within the ECQA framework.

3. Creation of E-learning platform within the ECQA to facilitate the on-line training on sustainability management for different trainees from different EU locations

4. Extension of Capability Adviser - Process Management Software Tool to support Sustainability Management assessment methodology

5. Testing/piloting the training program in Romania and France

6. Building the capacity in Sustainability Management topics in Romania, Slovenia and France by training of future trainers (15 persons) and future Sustainability Managers (110 persons)